It is the lazy mind that finds comfort in certainty.

We spend half our lives unlearning what we learned the first half.

Self-doubt and personal growth go hand in hand.

When forgetting you are going to die, you forget to live.

Sadness can be profoundly beautiful.

Ambition is just another way of forgetting that life is a temporary affair.

Most experiences get ruined by expectations.

Ambiguity is our chance at finding reality´s beauty.

Rereading books makes us realize how we constantly change.

Thinking too much is self-confidence´s worst enemy.

All our strengths are attempts at compensating for our weaknesses.

Just like nations deserve their leaders, so do parents their children.

Those afraid to break the rules never get a real taste of life.

Self-delusion is a basic tool of survival.

Flattery is the best tool of manipulation.

All our attempts at doing anything in life are about trying to fight its intrinsic boredom.

If people realized that life is no more than time waiting to die, they would take more risks to make the wait less oppressing.

It’s not what you want, it’s what you get that makes you.